If you’re as obsessed with podcasts as we are, you’re always looking for the latest and greatest in auditory engagement.  Below are just 10 of our favorite creative life podcasts (with links) to listen to!


1. The Oatley Academy Artcast features a different artist each episode, who is both informative and inspiring for newer artists and those who are established in the business. This could be good for the artrepreneur aspect, as people continue to grow and establish their identity. Also a bonus, hr has a ton of content.

2. Lean Into Art offers in-depth and insightful discussions aimed at visual artists. They focus a lot on cartoons and comics, which is an interesting change of pace!

3. Creative Pep Talk’s goal is to help artists create a thriving creative career. It gives the listener a pep talk while also challenging them to critically look at themselves as artists.

4. Onward Creatives (iTunes) specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs (aka ARTrepreneurs) advance their careers!

5. Killer Innovations interviews successful innovators and offers insight into how you can harness your own creativity and innovation to better your career.

6. Deeply Graphic Designcast covers a new graphic design-related topic each week. There is also plenty of “practical and creative” advice that many designers will find extremely helpful! I really enjoyed the “When your side hustle wins” episode.

7. Dear Handmade Life focuses on helping creative people live their life with purpose and intent.  

8. Similarly (but different), The Creative Life‘s host James Taylor interviews leading creatives and innovators and has them reveal their creativity and innovation strategies and techniques to help you unlock your own creativity and live ‘The Creative Life’.

9. The Busy Creator is all about helping creative professionals. The Busy Creator states that it teaches “tools, techniques, and habits to become your most creative, productive self.”

10. The Savvy Painter offers weekly advice from some of the best painters practicing today.

Feeling stuck? Start listening today, and leave us a comment with your favorite ‘casts and episodes!

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