WAIT! Before You Throw Away That Wrapping Paper…

If you’re Christmas tradition looks anything like ours, you will have a ton of wrapping paper left over and no idea what to do with it. Many people just toss it in the garbage without a second thought. Not you and I. We’re looking for some cool $hit to do with all this artsy looking paper. Here are a few ways you can reuse this stuff and feel a little better about yourself (because, you know, you’re recycling).

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New Year’s Confetti

This one seems pretty obvious and we’re a little upset we didn’t think of it until now. Feed it through that shredder you just got from your boss, or put the kids to work with some good ol’ fashioned scissors. If you’re having friends over to ring in the brand new year, this is a great idea. Depending on how nice your family and friends are, you should have ample amount of paper for confetti. The color scheme should be quite colorful as well. After the new year has come, you can even reuse your confetti for our next option…

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Packing Paper

I’m not sure how many packages you’re sending outside of the holidays but every single one is going to be festive as hell. Make sure you start a business where you will be sending very fragile items all over the country. Every time someone opens your package, they’ll be a little happier. Unless they’re a Grinch, then they’ll be pretty pissed off.

Line Everything

We’re talking bookshelves, dressers, boxes, and anything else you can think of. Line it, don’t think about it. You’re trying your best to get rid of this stuff. Don’t stop to ask yourself if it makes sense to line that Super Bowl snack tray. Do it.

Next Year’s Presents

Nobody is going to notice if you reuse this stuff next year. Just make sure all of the gifts you’re giving are slightly smaller than the ones you gave this year. Or make a hodgepodge wrapping out of multiple papers. Picasso style. This is the most logical way to reuse and I’m sure you’ve done this before.

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Origami Time

Haven’t we all secretly wanted to learn how to do this? I don’t think it’s easy to do but if you have the patience, what better time to start? You have so much paper to use. The world could always use more Christmas themes swans. Always.

Plain Old Recycling

Not into the whole “creative reuse” thing when it comes to wrapping paper? We’re not offended. That’s fine. Fine. However, don’t just start stuffing all of it into that recycling bin just yet. There are rules to this game.It can’t be metallic, have glitter on it, or have any velvety flocking on it. Normal wrapping paper should be good to go along with tape.

According to Stanford, if every American family wrapped just 3 presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. I know that may be a tough visual but it means a lot.

No matter what your holiday may be, you’ll likely have some wrapping paper left after December. Why not try one of these reuses out? It’s more fun (and better) to repurpose. This is another way for you to bring holiday cheer all year long. There’s nothing like some random wrapping paper in an empty photo frame in your bathroom.

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