You may have read our post on our favorite podcasts, and if you got through those already or prefer some visual to your audio, try one of our top ten favorite TED Talks on for size! This one’s geared for you, artrepreneurs.

Why the Pencil is Perfect

When you tell someone you’re a bit of an artist, the next question is usually something like, oh so what do you draw/ paint? While we know “artist” encompasses so much more than just drawing and painting (though those are completely admirable and valid mediums), today we sing an ode to the most basic tool of all: the pencil.

Why tech needs the humanities

Over recent years, there has been much talk about the future of careers heading towards STEM. While STEM is perfectly valuable and important, this change in mindset has had damaging outcomes for the humanities. So where does this leave artists? Eric Berridge explains why artists should stand strong and take pride in the humanities.

The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life

When Danielle Feinberg was a child, she wanted to be an artist. An adult informed her that she would never be able to make a living as an artist. Let’s see what happened next…

How art, technology, and design inform creative leaders

John Maeda discusses how technology, design, art, and leadership are interconnected.

Pirates, nurses and other rebel designers

Sometimes the best inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs are just passionate about a cause. Alice Rawsthorn delivers an inspiring talk on how “accidental” designers throughout the ages have transformed the world around them.

How I became an entrepreneur at the age of 66

What does it feel like when your peers are winding their careers and productivity down, but you’re just getting started? Paul Tasner details how he was prompted to recreate his course in life at the age of 66.

The single biggest reason that startups succeed

It’s no secret that some startups succeed and others do not. Bill Gross dives into what makes the difference.

3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace

Diversity is proven to create more successful workplaces,but the work still isn’t done. Melinda Epler shines a light on the progress that has been made for underrepresented people and relates some ways to be a better ally in the workplace.

How I became 100 artists

Contemporary artist Shea Hembrey describes how his unconventional upbringing (as far as “big time” artists go) led him to create his own Biennale exhibition, which he populated with 100 self-made personas’ artwork.

Glorious visions in animation and performance

This artistic and otherworldly video takes the viewer on a journey of an artist’s self discovery. Different than your typical Ted talk, it is more of an experience.

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