The Art of the Window Display

Throughout the past few decades, brands have really upped their game in the art of window displays. Gone are the days of simply slapping clothes on mannequins and putting them in the window. These window displays are a brilliant and artistic way to appeal to the consumer and will most importantly, draw them into the store. These displays also have a huge range of versatility and can include interaction, meaningful causes, and holiday relevance. It is a cool way for brands to showcase their style, draw customers, in AND promote goings on with the brand such as discounts and holiday deals. It is also an innovative way for artrepreneurs to show off their ability to turn something mundane into a statement. It has become just one of many mediums to come out of the woodwork for artists to take ahold of and transform. Sounds splendid, right? Let’s take a look-see at some of the most beautiful and fab window displays to date…

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These guys do not mess around when it comes to window displays. And why should they? They’ve truly given meaning and weight to the things that a window display can accomplish. A good example of this is their Earth Day displays. The image below is one of many different displays they created that focused on the diminishing Monarch Butterfly population. People could even donate money that would be donated to the cause for a chance to win part of the display. *slow clapping*

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Burberry is never one to be left behind in the latest trends. With their “Voyage Magique” display at a French department store called Printemps, it actually took the viewer on a journey. With many displays, it detailed the journey of a character from London to Paris. Awwhhhhh… Nothing warms the heart more during the holidays than some good old fashioned cuteness. The character can be seen underneath the cloud to the right of center image.

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Harrods and Valentino

Harrods department store is truly iconic in the ~department~ of window displays. Known for their high fashion influence, they created the “Shoe Heaven” display that showcased all of the biggest brands in the fashion industry including CHANEL, Dior, Givenchy, and Gucci for their Silver Lining Collection. All of the brands had their own unique display all within the world of “Shoe Heaven”. The displays showcase the show line while also creating a playful and fanciful world. Below is the Valentino display.

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Harrods and Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

This luxury menswear brand took it took to the next level with their Harrods window display. Let me tell you, there is a whole lot of detail and inspiration that went into this display. At this point, window display almost doesn’t do this justice. I believe a more proper title would be art installation. According to the Best Window Displays website, “Created in collaboration with Stefano Pilati, Ermenegildo Zegna’s Head of Design, the film depicts a real scientific path which is traced by astrophysicist Fiorella Terenzi, Professor of Astronomy at Florida International University (FIU), and Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of Hayden Planetarium, who together formulated a set of trajectories created in unique movement that fuse the primordial universe with the Milan CityLife Palace, where the collection debuted. The soundtrack captures the waves from space, which were converted into sound, and then transformed into music, blended with Tchaikovsky and the sound of contemporary life within the cities of Milan, New York and Shanghai, selected by Stefano Pilati. Zegna announced the collection as proposing a ‘journey from and to the early Universe’, and Elemental Design were keen to introduce exciting technology and drama into the window concepts, in order to fully captivate the customer.” Mind. Blown. Now that is thinking outside the box!

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In the case of ARTE VETRINA PROJECT, they wanted to share their summer sale in a creative and fun way. Using the geometric shapes and bold colors, it draws the viewer’s eye in. Since the actual sale sign is in a contrasting color (yellow) to the pinks and purples of the display, it provides and eye-catching and engaging display for the viewer. The mannequins also sport shades of pink and purple, which complement and work with the display.


As we’ve explored, one can see that window displays are truly developing into their own art form and means of expression for artists. What would you love to see in the next big window display? Where do you think the art of window displays will go in the future? Share your thoughts below!