Lookie Here Artists: Spring Residency Opportunities!

If you’re an artist, it might be hard to find new ways to structure your artistic endeavors. Fortunately, some artistic institutions have residency opportunities available for artists to come together and get the creative juices flowing. Another huge advantage of residencies is that they allow the artist to experiment with new ideas and materials without the constraint of cost. They are a really fantastic way to dive into a medium or project that you’ve been interested in, but can’t seem to find time or funding. If you’ve been feeling like you need a change of environment and would enjoy being surrounded by other artists, a residency might be exactly what you’re in need of. Here is a comprehensive list of residencies coming up in 2019!

1. Haystack Mountain Open Studio Residency

Located right next to the Atlantic Ocean in Maine, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts offers artists a two week residency from May 27th to June 8th. The program provides housing to 50 participants and seeks to provide an opportunity for artists to live, work, and create in an artistic community! Since the school is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, it can provide some much needed inspiration and creativity from the luscious natural beauty that surrounds it. Creating here is truly a lifestyle. The Open Studio Residency application process will open on January 1st, 2019 and participants must be 21 and over to apply.

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2. Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts

Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts offers another great opportunity to create in a beautiful and natural environment! Located on a historic ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, the foundation is nestled in between the Sierra Madre Mountain and Snowy Mountain ranges. There is an abundance of outdoor activities that surround the ranch and lots of wildlife that accompany it. Brush Creek offers two three week programs per year, in Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall and applications are due the year before. Applications are accepted for the Winter/Spring session from July – Sept 1, and for the Summer/Fall session from January – March 1st. This program offers housing, studio space, and meals, what more could any artist ask for? With this residency, Brush Creek really lets you draw some inspiration from American history and an exquisite natural environment!

3. 18th Street Arts Center Visiting Artist Residency Program

18th Street Arts Center offers artists a visiting artist residency that ranges from one to three months in the charming city of Santa Monica, California. This residency is located in a more urban environment, if that suits your fancy more than the rustic and outdoors-y environments. The program hosts artists from the U.S. as well as international, so feel free to apply even if you are outside the U.S! Applications are open to artists from all disciplines and filmmakers, curators, and musicians are also welcome to apply. For the application process; submit a letter of interest, work samples, statement about funding support, and additional materials like artist statement, letters of recommendation, and press materials are also welcome. One should try to apply a year to 18 months in advance, but according to the website, sometimes vacancies will open up before that. The residency offers housing that spouses, children, and pets are allowed to stay in for the full duration and studio space. One added bonus, this residency is free.

4. Alchemy Spring Residency

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more international and off the beaten path, the Alchemy spring residency in Prince Edward County, Ontario might be the perfect fit for you! The residency aims to explore the connection that blends “artistic practice and the cooking and sharing of locally cultivated food in a community setting”. This is a very different approach, and delves into the untapped territory of why sharing art and food with others is important. But if you’re not the culinary type yet, don’t despair. Alchemy welcomes artists from a wide range of mediums! The residency lasts approximately 12 days and the deadline to apply for spring of 2019 is December 7th. The residency includes accommodation, studio space, community dinners, and a collaborative space with other artists. Just don’t forget a bit of extra cash to pitch in for some dinners!

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5. 33 Officina Creativa

If you want to go really international then you should consider the 33OC spring residency just north of Rome in Toffia, Italy. The application is open to international artists, but keep in mind that their space is small so they cannot accommodate printmakers, sculpture, ceramics, or large-scale painting. The application for spring 2019 is due by December 15th and the duration of the residency is one month. The residency includes housing and studio spaces, and is only 250 euros per artist per month! What a steal. The artist is responsible for their travel, personal expenses, and food for the duration of the stay. But, who could complain about making art and eating pasta in Italy?

Whether you’ve been in the field for decades or are just starting your career, an artist residency is a wonderful learning opportunity. There are an abundance of residencies available that fit every artist and their needs, so keep your eyes open and your paint brushes ready!