So you want to be an artrepreneur?

We visited our friend Rob Ali at Pictures and Mirrors in Orlando, Florida to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the business operates, and hear from the horse’s mouth how to pave the way toward becoming a successful entrepreneur. Rob posits that in order to be profitable in any business- his being a publishing house for reproducible works of art- you must embrace capitalism at the crux of your business model. In doing so, it’s key to seek advice from those who have adopted a similar mindset, who have also been profitable and can share their efforts.

He gave us a tour of the factory where works of art are reprinted onto canvas and stretched or mounted onto masonite, matted, framed, and prepared for shipment. Artists who adopt this model sell the license to their work and receive royalties each time a print is sold. Many camps see this as “selling out” or slighting the artist of a profit. Others believe that it serves the artist better than relying on the sales of original works of art. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Rob talks about the mindset to adopt and the people to surround yourself to pave your path to success as a business owner.

In addition to embracing capitalism and finding a mentor, developing your business boils down to listening to Other People’s Ideas, piggybacking (consensually) on Other People’s Money and Other People’s Efforts, but to never listen to Other People’s Opinions! Watch on to learn more…

FINALLY we got to tour the facility as Rob graciously let us film, so that we could share with you!

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