Rare Tempo Partners with Artsy

We are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the online art platform Artsy

to sell our offbeat selection of fine art!

Take a look at our collection of unique works and select, pre-customized prints made to order, with buying options for every type of collector.

If you haven’t heard of Artsy, they are the leading resource for artists, collectors, and galleries, featuring works for sale, online auctions, and presence at fairs, not to mention a fantastic, comprehensive blog for all art related news. Each week they tackle the latest issues in the art world as well as advice from the world’s leading professionals in the field, to help you grow your personal brand and thrive as a living artist.

As part of their Art Genome Project, Rare Tempo artists will be chronicled alongside the greats; think Claude Monet, Leonard DaVinci, Georgia O’Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz, Jenny Holzer, Banksy… you get the idea! So, if you are an artist who’s been toying with the idea of selling your art with Rare Tempo, consider this an opportunity to gain exposure on a platform with clout and an international collector base. Submit an inquiry to shout@raretempo.com to learn more.

Artsy for the win!

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