Meet Francine Alves

Brazil-based artist Francine Alves creates fantastical compositions that explore and blend the themes of fashion, florals, patterns, and composite imagery. Photography, painting, collage, illustration, and digital manipulation are just a few of her specialties, which translate perfectly to prints!

Fran’s dynamic work is inspired by a diverse array of influences, including fashion trends, Frida Kahlo, and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Her “Visions of Alice” series, which brings us Who Stole the Tarts?, Garden of Flowers, and The Sheep’s Flower Shop, was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a timeless tale that puts Fran’s chosen effects into context. Show her some love and take home one of these prints for yourself!

Pies, para que los quiero, si tengo alas para volar. -Frida Kahlo

(Why do I need feet when I have wings to fly?)

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