The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) has a completely unique initiative that you NEED to know about. It’s called the Octopus Initiative and the concept is pretty simple. MCA has commissioned Denver’s leading artists to provide art for the initiative. These works are stored in a featured “library” within the museum. If you see a work of art that you really like in this area, you could be able to take it home. For free. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE.

Any resident of the Denver metro area is eligible for the chance to borrow and live with a work of art made by a Denver-based artist for ten months. Thinking of it as a library is helpful. Instead of checking out a book, eligible candidates are able to rent a work of art. This demonstrates MCA’s commitment to Denver artists by providing commissions while deepening the connection between local artists and their community.

How does this work? Well, that’s pretty simple as well. Any Denver metro area resident can make an account and start favoriting works of art. This is done by clicking the “heart” icon next to a work of art. Winners are selected randomly through a lottery for every single piece of art.  Interested? You can visit the Octopus Initiative website to find any additional information and start “hearting” pieces of art.

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