January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

This day allows us to reflect on how art is all around us and affect our lives every day. We, at Rare Tempo, would like to empower you to take some time to enjoy, reflect on, and be inspired by art! Here is a list of potential activities to get the most out of this day and inspire your heart with art.

  1. Go to an Art Museum

What a better way to enjoy art than viewing art from the past and present? A good exercise when visiting an art museum is to find a piece you enjoy and stare at it for 5 minutes. Then, ask yourself these questions: What do I like about this piece? What don’t I like? How does it make me feel? What takeaways do I have from this experience? You’ll be surprised at the answers you have by just taking the time to fully experience an artwork.

Find a local art museum near you.

  1. Visit an Art Gallery

Visiting and supporting local galleries is a great way to not only feel inspired by local artists but helps your local artist community as well. Viewing local art at a gallery is a powerful experience, it allows you to experience the lives of community members through their art.

Find a local art gallery near you.

  1. Listen to an Art Podcast

Podcasts have become an amazing way to listen to new and interesting perspectives that can both educate and inspire. The art and art history community are quite active on podcasts and there are plenty to choose from.

Rare Tempo’s Podcast Suggestions are the bomb  but these are cool too!  

  1. Take an Art Workshop

Art workshops are great for both improving and learn new artistic skills. Hands-on workshops are extremely helpful because they allow you to practice while a teacher is there to help instruct you. Usually, galleries offer the occasional workshops with an experienced artist. However, there are some businesses especially dedicated for art education.

One of the most effective way to find local art workshops near you is by searching for “art workshops” under events on Facebook, or you can use meetups (a personal fave) or Google maps search.

  1. Learn a New Artistic Skill with Tutorials

Don’t have time to visit an art workshop? No problem! YouTube and other websites have made it easier than ever to find tutorials on learning new artistic skills.

Rare Tempo recommends these free online art classes but you can also find some great tutorials on YouTube, SkillShare, and Lynda.com.

  1. Read a Book about an Artist

Books about artists and their lives provide a great amount of insight into their lives and their processes. Reading about the struggles and triumphs of their lives removes them from the societal pedestals they’ve been placed on and makes them more human and relatable. You never know, you may learn something about another artist and feel inspired to take another look at their work and its meaning.

  1. Watch a Movie about an Artist

Over the years there have been phenomenal films made about artists’ lives. These films bring the magnificent stories of artists to life. The phenomenal film Loving Vincent does this amazingly well by combining the artist’s medium of painting and style into the first fully painted movie ever.

Watch Loving Vincent on iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube

  1. Watch an Art Documentary

Learning a comprehensive overview of an art movement or artist from a documentary is the perfect way to reflect on the progression of art throughout history. Many artists have learned from the past and applied it to their own art. You might do that too!

  1. Make Time to Create Art for Yourself

“Create art for yourself” is another way to describe art therapy. It’s easy to get hung up on creating art for clients and their wants. Art therapy is a great way to step back and get back to the root of art, a personal creative expression. By taking the time to sit, reflect, and create without any constrictions you’ll be creatively recharged.

Whatever you choose to do on Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, we would love to hear about it. Leave a comment on any plans you have to make the most of the day!

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