How One Paint Manufacturer Recycles Discards to New Hues

Gamblin Artists Colors specializes in one of the most traditional art mediums but takes a future-focused approach not only to making oil color, but on the sustainability front. One of their most innovative, yet simple ways of ensuring minimal waste during production is to save the pigments that get filtered through their advanced air filtration system and create a new pigment, called Torrit Grey. This “grey” varies in hue from year to year as the combination of pigments that make the mix are unpredictable, but the quality one would expect of Gamblin remains unchanged.

If you’re a painter who’d like to incorporate this color into your next masterpiece, stop by your local art store carrying Gamblin colors and get to creating! A new Torrit is released every Spring around Earth Day, so if you can’t find it today, check back in a few months and get your brushes ready!

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