2018 Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Art Lovers

Shopping for the perfect gift for your art loving friends can be hard during the holidays.

Going through the hoopla of going to the mall shopping for friends and family can be a chore and a half. Fortunately, with the ease of online shopping and this holiday gift guide, it can be way easier! This guide was curated especially for artists and art lovers in order to both surprise and delight this season.

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Sketchbox is a monthly subscription box designed to be the perfect gift for the everyday creative. Inside the box, there are 4-6 high-quality art supplies. Not only is there art supplies, but every month they feature an artist’s work to inspire the box recipient! Sketchbox will serve to please and surprise artists a little bit every month.

Pin Museum

Art history enthusiasts will fall in love with pin museum. This unique e-commerce shop exclusively sells art historia merchandise ranging from collectible enamel pins to embroidered hats. Pin Museum is a perfect one-stop-shop for a collector.

Today is Art Day

Today is Art Day first emerged with their classic Vincent van Gogh action figure. Since then they’ve exploded in their collection of art history action figures. Recently, they released an original art museum board game entitled “The Grand Museum of Art.” Today is Art Day is a great shop for collectors young and old. Because, hey, actions figures are cool always.

The MoMA Design Store

From the famous art museum, the MoMA design store is a curation of items that celebrate functionality, art, and design. Ranging from items for home to technology, this store will help in finding a unique, design-forward gift.

Spotify Premium Membership

Music is often a staple for artists. With Spotify premium, individuals are able to stream a giant library of music. Although, with the recent addition of podcasts into the Spotify library, people are able to catch up on or discover podcasts to fuel their curiosity and creativity. Speaking of podcasts, have you tried these yet?

Hopefully, you haven’t got too much more shopping to do and can take the rest of the month to get in the spirit and prepare for the new year. These are just a few suggestions of the many great ideas you can come up with to satisfy your creative loved ones’ souls. Got any others to share? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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