Florida’s Gulf Coast Keepin it Glassy

If you’re familiar with glass art, a few people and places may come to mind. Dale Chihuly. Seattle. Murano, Italy. St. Petersburg, Florida. Wait… what? That’s right. The gorgeous and mysterious medium has melted its way onto the shores of Florida’s Gulf coast and looks to be for the long haul.

Maybe you’ve noticed more and more glass artists hanging around, or galleries with glass sculpture and even a museum dedicated to the medium crop up around town. Glass studios known as hot shops are hosting frequent demonstrations where you can watch artists work their magic with the molten material and offering classes for beginners.

St. Pete, Sarasota, Tampa, and surrounding communities on the the central West coast of Florida are becoming flocking grounds for maniacs who want to work with arguably the hottest medium in the most extreme heat, thereby earning this area the nicknam Glass Coast.
With St. Petersburg at the epicenter of this flourishing mecca for glass art, the city will be hosting the international Glass Art Society (GAS) conference in March 2019! That’s right folks, expect around 3,000 participants to flood the streets of St. Pete from 3/28 to 3/30/19. The Morean Art Center, Duncan McClellan Gallery, Zen Glass Studio, Imagine Museum, and the Dali Museum will host a round-the-clock schedule of demos, lectures, and activities all for the love of glass.

If you haven’t experienced any of this beautiful work yet, check out https://glasscoast.com/ for a directory of glass goodness to see for yourself!

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