Frequently Asked Questions


What is an artrepreneur?

An artrepreneur is an artist or creative entrepreneur who is making a brand out of their work, or looking to do so. Anh and Rosie do a perfectly awkward job of explaining this here. If you want to learn how to grow as an artist and see more success selling your work, contact us today!

How can I contribute content to your blog?

If you’re an artist, creator, writer, art enthusiast, or any combination of these fantastic personalities, we want to feature you! Contact us at or submit an inquiry with blog ideas you’d like to create or see written.

How can I find Rare Tempo on social media?

Check us out at @beraretempo on instagram, ello, and twitter; Rare Tempo on facebook, tumblr, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Like us, share us, and tell your friends how much you love Rare Tempo!

For Collectors

Do I need an account to create an order?

Creating an account will expedite the checkout process, particularly in repeat orders. Rare Tempo ensures that your account details are secured at all times.  Guest checkout is also available.

Wholesale customers must login to their account to receive discounted rates. Learn how to become a wholesale buyer.

Can I cancel or change my order?

If you feel you need to change or cancel your order, please call us at 727.213.5713. However, we cannot guarantee that your order may be modified or cancelled once it is in progress, as most items are made on demand.

I am interested in your wholesale program. How do I get started?

If you are a designer, decorator, or in a similar trade, you may apply to shop for prints at a discount, when you buy in bulk. Apply here to get started.

For Artists

What type of art do you represent?

We showcase artists working in all media, from photography to painting, sculpture, jewelry, and everything in between. Artists working in 2D will reap the most benefits from working with us, as we offer an on-demand printing service that will continue to pay you for your work as customers order prints. If you are interested in becoming a Rare Tempo artist, apply here.

Can I show my work with other galleries, online or in person?

Of course! With our goal of empowering artrepreneurs at the heart of our every endeavor, we want our artists to succeed in the world. That means broadening your scope, getting yourself out there, and selling your brand. We are here to help with the heavy lifting on our dynamic platform.

How do I sell my art with Rare Tempo?

If you’re an artist who’s ready to take their career to the next level, start by applying here. Our team will review your application and select which pieces we believe best represent you and your work! Then we will notify you of the next steps to start selling your art on our platform.

To get a head start, be sure you have high resolution images of your work, because we’re going to ask for them!

What is On Demand Printing?

On Demand printing is a service that works for everyone! Artists with two-dimensional work (2D) can submit images and we offer them as print options, so that buyers can customize the size, material, and framing options that best first their budget and taste. Images are printed as they are ordered, and artists receive 25% of the profits on the sale of each piece, paid as a lump sum at the close of each quarter.

What can Rare Tempo do for me as an artist?

The first step is to apply! We represent artists from across the world working in all different media, offering services that fit artists’ diverse goals. We sell original works of art, provide printing services for two-dimensional artwork, as well as merchandise featuring artists’ work, all with the goal of empowering artrepreneurs.

In addition to marketing and selling your art, we create a custom artist page on our site for artists selling originals with us. We’ll provide you with an affiliate link to use on your own social profiles, and when customers use that link to shop on Rare Tempo, you’ll get kickbacks on the profits! It pays to share the love. As we plan pop-up shows, we will start with the artists already engaged with us, so you will gain exposure through in-person shows in addition to online.

We’ve partnered with to sell work so artists will benefit from the added exposure of Artsy’s established, international consumer base.

Shipping & Returns

Who pays for shipping?

With the exception of “Free Shipping” promotions, the customer is responsible for shipping costs. Customers outside of the United States (Note: International shipping not currently available) are responsible for customs fees and taxes.

What shipping carriers are available?

Rare Tempo currently uses USPS and UPS.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirming shipment, including a tracking code.

Does Rare Tempo ship Internationally?

Rare Tempo currently operates within the United States and cannot ship orders placed through the website outside the U.S. If you reside outside of the United States and wish to purchase art from us, please contact us at to coordinate your order. International customers are responsible for any customs fees and taxes that may incur.

How long will it take to receive my order?

PRINTS ON DEMAND: When you purchase a print on demand, you will be prompted to select a carrier and shipping speed. Please note that the shipping timeframe begins once the print is created and packed. Average turnaround time for prints on demand is 2 weeks.

ORIGINAL ART: When you purchase an original work of art, the artist will ship you the piece directly within 21 days, or within the timeframe specified for custom pieces. All original work is insured in transit.

MERCHANDISE: Merchandise items, such as mugs, towels, and apparel are created to order and shipped directly from the vendor. Merchandise orders generally ship within 8 days.

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

If the product you ordered arrived damaged, you may send it back for assessment and refund. Please see our Return Policy for details.


What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and even Discover.

Is buying online safe?

We exert every effort to protect your privacy and information and adhere to all SSL standards. is a secured site that is hosted on a secured server, and we perform routine maintenance to ensure a safe browsing experience.