On Thursday, November 1st, the wait finally came to an end. This year’s Exquisite Corpses were revealed at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in St. Petersburg, with 5 sculptures, 11 two-dimensional compositions, poetry readings and and a truly exquisite musical score.

Popularized by Surrealists in the early 20th century, the Exquisite Corpse Games involves three artists collaborating to make one piece, generally with the goal of creating a human figure.  This year’s games in St. Pete featured not only visual art, but broke the mold to include poems and musical compositions as well. The evening started with the auditory delights and went on to unveil the visual arts to the artists and attendees, all for the first time.

The resulting pieces are truly stunning, made even more special as each artist described their inspiration, process, and challenges.  A large, supportive crowd patiently anticipated and watched in awe as Gamekeeper Ann Marie Cash revealed each completed piece. The juxtaposition of each 3-piece corpse beside each other made for an even more interesting total composition, magnified by the roaring applause and hollers from the excited audience.

The corpses will be traveling to Sarasota for a secondary unveiling, which begins their national tour.  Find out more about the Games or how to purchase a piece here.

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