Capitalizing on Trends

Trends and fads affect everything from pop culture to the shoes on your feet.

Art isn’t exempt from either of these as well. Additionally, trends and fads are words that are often used interchangeably, but it’s important to realize how they are different.


Fads have the major flaw of being short lived. The typical timeline for fads can range from less than a month clear to about 3 months. Then, fads usually fizzle out. This fading is due to the fact that fads are born out of popularity or “coolness”. They generally don’t really serve a long-term use which is why there’s always a “boom” at the beginning of a fad followed by a drastic decline to irrelevancy.


Unlike fads, trends have long-lasting effects on the world. They are usually born out of real needs and are likely meant as a solution for people. Additionally, trends don’t fade away as fads do. Rather, trends tend to weave in and out of style throughout the years in different incarnations. Moreover, trends gain traction and, therefore, power the more people interact and engage with it. This means trends will permeate society in tangible, meaningful ways. For example, graffiti has come, gone, and come back again through the years. However, with street artists like Banksy, it’s a medium that has resurged as popular (and acceptable!) once again.

A Note on the Classics

Classics are established, timeless staples that can stand the test of time. They are accepted by a range of people and are accepted as pretty much a given. Examples of this in art genres include abstraction, landscape, portraiture, and still life.

How This Applies to You

As an artrepreneur, it’s important to differentiate between these two words. If you notice a fad in the art market, ask yourself seriously if you want to cater toward an extremely popular, yet short-lived craze. Trends are something to look at when considering what to include in your art. See what’s trending in home decor and fashion in addition to the art market to get insight on more sustainable solutions to include in your work.

Other Applications

On the business and marketing side of things, try to research what’s trending in these areas. There are plenty of resources online to help you create a relevant social media plan and strategy that will help you in promoting your art business. Additionally, there are a lot of resources to help you identify business and market trends to keep you ahead of the curve in your business plan.

Fads come and go quickly, but trends stick around for a while. It’s important as an artrepreneur to keep this in mind going forward so you can make sure to stay relevant, yet successful all at the same time.

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