Today’s feature artrepreneur is Asbel Reyes, owner of the Chalk Board Special Mobile Event Services.

Reyes established his Tampa-based business in 2013, addressing a need for an alternative catering service that was both transportable and fully customizable, and of course eye catching.

A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades but master of none, Reyes’ concept developed in the same manner that many do: late one night over a few beers with friends, brainstorming how to convey their passion for different cuisines with a blank slate that allows for customers to connect with the menu. Naturally, a food truck seemed the perfect canvas for the experience they wished to create. A chef wanted the vehicle to test out a BBQ menu; an event organizer wanted chalk murals to promote charitable causes; a restaurant owner needed a temporary kitchen to help maintain revenue during a renovation. A cleverly designed food truck could do all of these things and more. The friends also saw it as a way to help foster small businesses, feature local artists, and promote charities in a way that is both unique and affordable.

3000 rivets, 2 years and lots of sweat, piece by piece restored

Reyes’ operation began as a food truck, but once again, his vision quickly outgrew his reality so he purchased a 1968 Airstream to elaborate the business. Two years of restoration and retrofitting later, the Airstream is a mobile, transformable storefront that houses a full kitchen.

Reyes painted the full exterior with his patented water-resistant chalk formula that makes vibrant colors pop! and allows for easy removal (read: quick turnaround). Clients get to transform the vehicle into a work of art, incorporate their logo into its design, or invite guests to interact with them in a fresh way. Reyes or one of his talented artists chalks the exterior to client specifications, or run wild when their vision is left to interpretation. Clients also choose the menu, and may elect the Chalk Board Special team or select any number of local chefs to cater their event, who then select the available “plug n’ play” items they’ll need to cook.  The Airstream has been on tour for nearly two years, serving charities, weddings, sports teams, festivals, art events, and more, and is ready for new challenges!

Learn more and contact the Chalk Board Special team to book your memorable event.

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