It’s That Time of the Year Again… Set those New Year’s Resolutions, Artrepreneurs!

Being an artrepreneur is difficult in its very nature. Walt Disney once said,

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Let that be your inspiration in the new year to carry on in your craft. It’s another opportunity for you to hit the “reset button” and check back in on how you’re doing with your creative process. This is your year. It’s time to set some goals and start a plan of attack. New Year’s Resolutions, baby. This is also a time that you can reflect a little and learn from some of your mistakes.

Look Back

Firstly, take a breath and spend some time in appreciation of all that you’ve done. Not just the last year but over your entire creative career. Let these accomplishments encourage you to move forward. You can do this, you have been doing it for some time now. Now that you have focused on what you have done well, it’s time to reflect on possible lessons from the past.

Failure is a vital part of success. Are there any lessons that you have learned the hard way over the past few years? Take stock of these lessons and write them down. Based upon what you have done well and what you have been taught by experience, form one or two high level goals you would like to accomplish this year.


Your situation is going to be unique. Once you have set goals for the “big picture”, break down your high level goals into achievable, small goals. Here are some examples:

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Keep a Schedule

When you set deadlines, they encourage you to actually complete your goals. You only have a limited time so you can’t put off whatever your goal is for too long. Setting a review of your goals each quarter could also be a great way to keep yourself on the track towards success.

Make a Website & Expand Your Online Presence

If you don’t have a website, make one.
You need to be your own advocate when it comes to your work. It should look like you take your art seriously not only because you do, but so other people will as well.

If you do have a website, up your engagement.
Set up a blog where you talk about what you’re up to so your fans and admirers can follow along and feel connected. Talk about other artists that are your friends or ones that inspire you.

Start Your Business

You should plan to succeed at this. Form a sole proprietorship or LLC to help with taxes, liabilities, and look more professional. Here’s a good link for deciding which one is right for you.


Go to more galleries and make more friends that are both artists and influencers. Try to feature your work more in your local scene and beyond. Becoming friends with gallery owners is a great way to get your work featured.


Try setting a goal for how much work you’ll create this year. This is fun, you’re passionate about this! Branch out and try creating something you never have before. This will help to expand your inventory and diversify your portfolio. The all-star team at Adobe has got your back in this, offering a yearly residency program for creatives like you. The 2019 application period will be opening soon, so get a leg up on the competition and start those applications today!

We also have an opportunity you should know about…

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Time To Kill It

All this reflection has probably reminded you that life isn’t easy. There will be ups and downs just like any other year. If you go into this year knowing that, you will know how to maintain a productive and positive mindset. Remember, the fact that you’re making a plan is a good sign and it shows your initiative. Don’t go into the new year without setting some goal, making a plan, and taking the proactive steps that will help you succeed.

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