Rosemary Walsh

Paper collage, drawing

When she’s not bringing art to the people as Rare Tempo’s Brand and Community Manager, Rosemary Walsh enjoys making cards for her loved ones.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art but always saw herself on the administrative side of things, helping fellow artists to grow their brands and thrive from sales. Always keeping her art to herself, working with Rare Tempo has persuaded her to put herself out there and share her craft with the world.

Rosemary’s cardmaking eventually segued into small-scale paper collage, which are now available as prints on demand in Rare Tempo’s Art Market!

I’ve been making cards for as long as I can remember. I find that it’s a special way to connect with someone, bring a smile to their face, and they make a meaningful yet inexpensive gift! I enjoy the “assignment” of making cards; it causes me to stop and think about my relationship with the person and draw upon inside jokes or their interests, relieving the “blank canvas” pressure of finding inspiration and determining what will turn a profit.

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