Melanie Posner


About Melanie

My artwork has become a self-reflecting form of meditation for me. It is a journey through my mind and spirit to help form a healthy and loving acceptance of myself. In return, my creations empower other woman to form a deeper meaning of themselves. My newest body is inspired by the spectrum of the rainbow, as certain colors embody certain emotions.

I started creating lively and independent women so I could in turn could be inspired by their strength, confidence, and qualities. At an early age we are preconditioned to measure ourselves upon a given standard, instead of focusing on the beauty within as an individual. Painting ladies who love themselves and their bodies helped me in return learn how to love my flaws.

I paint in vibrant colors because it fills me with happiness and brings the women I paint to life. They are full of energy and striking to the eye. With this, I want the viewer to embody self-love and acceptance. I want them to feel as colorful and striking as the painting itself.

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St. Pete artist Melanie Posner is painting with all the colors of the rainbow. Yes, it’s a cliché statement to make, but take a look at her body of work and you’ll agree. She paints wonderful women with beautiful blends of the rainbow. The paintings are immersive because they indulge us in an overwhelming field of color. It feels like we’re looking through a rainbow to see the woman on the other side. It’s a dreamy vibe that brings a unique ambiance to the portrait.

— Emma Simms, mieux magazine