Melanie Kielich

Custom jewelry & embroidery

The Navigator Handmade is a craft-art venture founded by Melanie Kielich and based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Melanie is an avid thrifter with an artistic eye and a creative streak; she loves to re-purpose found and vintage materials and give them new life.

After graduating with a BA in Art from New College of Florida, Melanie searched for a way to bring her love of found and vintage objects into a useful medium. The Navigator Handmade is the culmination of that endeavor, fusing these materials with imagination, nostalgia, and a sense of adventure.

Melanie loves to travel and find new places, people, landscapes, colors, words, and life.  An eye for the vintage aesthetic and a strong sense of adventure keep her moving and making new beautiful accessories and embroideries for The Navigator Handmade.

The Navigator Handmade is an eclectic collection of jewelry, trinkets, and home decor created from vintage maps – featuring ready-made or custom-made objects for anyone who values a sense of place // home // travel // adventure.

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