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Hailing from Rome, Italy, Francesco Tortorella studied illustration and animation at the IED (European Institute of Design), Rome after formally training in Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. He began his career as an illustrator and animator, and has since expanded his creative pursuits to include writing, directing, filmmaking, and professionally crashing parties.

Always involved in different projects, Tortorella has worked as an executive director and an art director with leading brands and international broadcasters. His extensive background in production includes success in multiple roles – from writing and directing – to producing animated short films, music videos, TV commercials, advertising campaigns, animating opening titles for many TV shows and feature films, and developing new technologies for doing so.

In 2011, the young artist established Made On, a creative factory of producers, directors, designers, screenwriters and visual artists. Linked to Made On Studio, he founded Made On VFX in 2013, a Film Production company focused on post-production, animation and visual effects, where he currently works as executive creative director.

Tortorella’s accomplishments include collaborating with such studios as the Academy Award® and Emmy® Award winner Pixomondo in Beijing, as well the TV stations Fox, Studio Universal, SKY, RAI, Mediaset, Cartoon Network, MTV, and collaborating with the top international agencies Mastercard, BNP, Mini, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VolksWagen, Nissan, Apple, Universal Music.

I create things, make up stories, and do illustration, animations, prints, movies, music videos, and commercials.

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