David Esquivel

Painting, Mixed Media

Artist David Esquivel of Aurora, Illinois is a self-taught painter who has been practicing with the medium for nearly 9 years.  In his work, Esquivel aims to capture a familiar warmth through exaggerated, almost alien-looking imagery. He plays with the theme of time, imagining how the world was, or is, or will be when we’re not looking, and tries to create imagery that is completely new to the viewers, but has the feeling of solidity. As if it has been around for a very long time and they are unearthing some lost prehistoric relics. With time also comes fragility. Although the work may feel concrete and infallible, Esquivel maintains the importance of acknowledging how fragile our existence is.

I never cognitively work out meaning while making a painting. To me it’s all color theory and compositional balancing. My main goal is move the viewer around with composition and then enhance that effect with color choices. But before going into something, I have the core ideas of what I’m trying to say with the work. I’m too dumb to knowingly layer that in. Afterward you hope there is something interesting there. But if the composition is enough, it doesn’t even matter.”

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