Danyell Bauer

Glass Sculpture

Hailing from St. Petersburg Florida, I dropped into the art world like a thud…… a very small thud. When I was a child I was always drawn to colorful and creative things. Learning best from hands on experience, I was continually leaving art project, messes around my parents’ house. It wasn’t until my teenage years, however, that I really found my love for art.

Since then I have found that I like working with a good bit of different materials. I love the challenge and sense of accomplishment I got from having an idea in my head and being able to bring it to life (on good days).

With glass, learning how to manipulate and work a material while never physically touching it is fascinating to me. It is such a serious and complex material to work with, so I try my best to work my goofy style and whimsy into every piece.

The imagination is really fired when one considers the many interesting and useful properties of glass. It is as brilliant as a diamond, as fiery as an opal, as colorful as the rainbow, light and delicate as a spider’s web, or as huge and massive as a twenty-ton mirror, fragile as an egg shell or as strong as steel. Truly, it can be said that glass is the unusual material; without it, we would return to the Dark Ages. With it, science and civilization moves on.”

—  Dr. Jacob Hostetter

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