Bruno Fournier

Analog Photography

Bruno Fournier resides in Paris, France where he works as a photographer, specializing in fashion photography, advertising, and fine art.

“After a road-trip in South America, Bruno Fournier settled in Paris to begin his career as a photographer. He then met one of the big names in advertising, Aaron Jones, who introduced him to San Francisco. Back in Paris, Bruno Fournier worked alongside Michel Comte before publishing his own series of fashion in magazines such as Jalouse, Marie-Claire, Madame Figaro, VS Mag, Icon, Spoon, Flaunt, Surface, Urban and Vogue Gioiello.

He is noted for his ability to catch his female models in movement, seemingly breathing life into their clothes. In his personal work, Bruno Fournier has been exploring even more the movement through three of the themes dear to his photographic writing: power, humour and eroticism. His photography show female nudes brandishing unexpected accessories: hubcaps, hairdryers, ropes, loudspeakers… By clever misappropriation, the models became Amazons.” – Cécile Strouk

“I started photography in my home town in the country side long time ago as a self made man, and I got into the marketing art because when I started my carrier as a fashion photographer I was  looking for  a personal project and as I was doing a lots of movement of fashion photos in movement it came naturally to do the same without clothes ( I didn’t want to do landscape or whatever) and very quickly I added all those objects and later on I met this young woman who works with me in Paris, Cécile and she found the name Amazons, it means I was doing all those images with an idea in my head but I couldn’t express this feeling, so with Cécile we are building up this project about women who are fighting for me freedom for all. My life is a fight, but I chose this life so I am okay with it.”

“Don’t be afraid to be slow, just be afraid to be stopped.”

– Bruno Fournier

I am inspired by life and everything around me…

everything would fall to pieces if I didn’t believe in myself and follow my instincts.

— Bruno Fournier

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