Wonderbound's Amy Giammarrusco in Garrett Ammon's Aphrodite's Switchboard with Chimney Choir. Photo by Martha Wirth, 2018

Chimney Choir is a Denver based ensemble that is constantly challenging traditional genres and styles of music. One aspect of their art that they stress is that they are truly a collective. This is apparent in the way that the write their music, believing that it is a “blender” of what each member finds interesting at the time. They don’t have a set genre and can include hints of pop, electronic, and folk all in one song. Their music is whimsical, eccentric, and borders on ethereal at times. But, the boundary pushing doesn’t stop in the recording studio. They also have a flair for theatrics.

Chimney Choir has co-created with another group called Wonderbound, a contemporary dance company that is based in ballet. Together, they have created some truly beautiful works that engage and challenge traditional music and dance. One of their most recent collaborations is titled “Aphrodite’s Switchboard”, which takes the viewer on a modern day journey using mythology. Chimney Choir drew inspiration from old technology and sounds of that world, so they even used clicks and sounds from vintage technology in the piece. Check it out here!

Other notable works include Motion and Dream. Chimney Choir has a passion for creating organic and authentic music that is just so damn good. Chimney Choir truly has the talent to back up their experimental taste and I just can’t get enough. Most recently, they performed at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado to support the refugee community with Project Worthmore. Local, talented, and giving… what more could you ask for in an artist spotlight? You rock, Chimney Choir!

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