The Art Market is Open!

Rare Tempo is open for business!

All that build up got us excited too, and we are thrilled to introduce our Art Market to the world. We now offer prints on demand for purchase and will be rolling out original artwork shortly.

What is a “print on demand” you say?

The solution to your art needs.

It’s easy to fall in love with art, but what do you do when you and your best friend fight over taking home the same piece? Maybe you love that photo but don’t have the wall space to accommodate it. Or perhaps you’re a baller on a budget and that original painting is a stretch for your wallet. Enter: prints. We work with artists across the world to offer you prints of originals all different mediums, including painting, photography, collage, and illustration, to name a few!

Shop our selection of prints on demand to customize the size you want, printed on the material of your choice (wrapped canvas or archival paper mounted to Masonite), and your favorite frame color to make it yours. From now until the end of May, enjoy 20% off any prints of your choice.

Here’s the best part: Rare Tempo artists enter a partnership with us where they see a percentage of profits from the sale of each print that sells. By entering into a partnership with the artists, we don’t retain the exclusive license to the image, meaning the artist maintains the rights to their work while getting paid every time we print and sell one. That translates to you feeling good about supporting an artist’s career while beautifying your space! We even include a certificate of authenticity with each print so you have a record of the artist and process behind the piece.

We partner with a state-of-the-art art printer in Orlando, Florida, where each piece is created to order and surpasses industry standards for quality across the board. Watch our behind-the-scenes tour to learn how Rob Ali and his team make the magic.

Not convinced yet? You’ll fall in love with the art as soon as you see it for yourself… aaaand GO!

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