Rare Tempo is an emerging art venue. It is the creative lovechild of Outspoke and Ello, combining our mutual talents and interests. We aim to build Rare Tempo as an eclectic and inclusive space that embraces the diversity of art and expression by encouraging conversation through community.

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Rare Tempo is our space to demonstrate our artist-first, community-first mentality.

Our goal for Rare Tempo is to be a complementary part of the Denver arts community while simultaneously showcasing artists from around the globe. This is important to us, because we feel it's far too easy to fall into creative cliques and never experience the raw talent and unique perspectives that are out there. You can still support local and experience global.

Rare Tempo partnered with Ello, the social network for creators by creators, based on a shared passion for supporting art and creativity across all disciplines. Contest winners from the first “Ello x RT” competition were featured at the grand opening, with the theme of “Inappropriate Humor” to go along with the April Fool’s Day timing.